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Top 10 Fashionable Items to Take on Vacation
The sun is here and that means one thing – summer is on its way! We seem to long for summer all-year round, it means outdoor parties with loved ones, warmer temperatures and of course, vacations. Other than the actual organizing of vacations, the second most stressful thing to prepare is your suitcases – what do you bring that’s both flattering and useful?

A lot of us are guilty of bringing too many things in our suitcases, and once we have arrived at our destination, we in fact only wear half of the items we packed. Before you start packing, think about the following questions:

- Where am I going? If you’re going to a very hot destination, chances are, you won’t want to pack your whole jeans collection into your suitcase.
- When am I going to wear this? There’s no point packing 5 dressy midi dresses if you’re only going out for one evening, and the rest of the time you’re in your swimwear.
- Is this necessary? If you’re packing 3 pairs of sliders, that is a bit excessive, 2 maximum will do the trick. No one needs to change sliders in the middle of the day – it’s a vacation, not a fashion show.

However, what should you pack that’s fashionable and handy? Read on and find out for yourselves…

1. Swimwear

swimwear for vacation

Seems obvious, but swimwear is probably the most important thing you need to bring. Whether you are lounging around the pool or heading to the beach, you need to look and feel your best. Swimwear is tricky because you can feel so self-conscious, feeling like you’re exposing your flaws for the world to see, but it can be flattering. If you’re feeling a little self-aware, then you should rock a one-piece swimsuit in one color, the monochrome will flatter your silhouette and those “problem” areas, and you’ll feel comfortable. For those who have a smaller cup size, opt for a swimsuit with a frill or volume around that area to create an illusion. If you’ve got a little more junk in the trunk, steer away from big prints that are going to amplify every little detail, monochrome is super sophisticated anyway.

2. A kimono

kimono for vacation

The kimono is the ideal cover up after having a dip in the ocean and is also perfect for milder evenings dining out. It is flattering for all body types and is loose and airy for warmer destinations – it’s such a versatile piece that you can wear for the whole season, and not just necessarily on vacation. If you want to make a statement by the poolside, opt for a bolder print that will turn heads as you make your way over. If your kimono is long enough, we also recommend crossing over the two sections and layering a belt over the top to make a wrap dress for extra style points.

3. Linen tops

linen tops for vacation

Not only is linen an environmentally-friendly fabric, but it’s perfect for vacations. It’s breathable and lightweight, easy to wash by hand and doesn’t shrink. Why not get him a few linen t-shirts or linen shorts for an easy-going wardrobe? Or for her, why not go for a linen dress that will keep you cool and trendy? Finish both looks with a straw accessory for an Instagram-worthy look! Which leads us onto…

4. Wicker accessories

wicker accessories for vacation

Wicker hats, bags – you name it, it’s on trend this season! But unlike some trends, this is also practical. Nothing is worse than working up a sweat whilst carrying a rucksack or an oversized tote, so take the strain off yourself by getting a wicker bag. You can also finish off your looks with a straw hat for a Riviera-esque touch to your look, it screams sophistication!

5. Sandals or sliders

sandals or sliders for vacation

Of course, on vacation, you always need sandals or sliders – but who said they had to be boring? For the ladies, opt for a gladiator-style sandal for a timeless approach or treat yourself to a pair with bold detailing such as pompoms or jewels. For the guys, sporty sliders will make a comfortable change from flip flops and get you from the hotel restaurant to the pool in a flash!

6. Sunglasses

sunglasses for vacation

Another obvious favorite but sunglasses aren’t only useful but add a little edge to your outfits. We all love adding a classic pair of Raybans or something a little more statement for the trend-setters! They’re also ideal for covering up that hangover the next morning. You should always invest in a good pair of sunglasses! The trend at the moment is tortoise shell frames if you’re looking into a trend piece.

7. A denim jacket

denim jacket for vacation

Whether it’s for him or for her, a denim jacket is a must-have for any wardrobe. It’s the staple that’ll keep you warm over spring and summer without being too bulky or stuffy. You can do that double-denim look and pair your jacket with a pair of jeans for an everyday look and for your vacation, team with a frilly skirt to mix masculine and feminine vibes, or for the guys, wear with looser-fitting pants for evenings out. Whether you go for cropped and fitted or oversized, you need one in your wardrobe to complete those spring/summer looks with!

8. Loose pants

loose pants for vacation

Whether it’s for long walks across a desert or for the flight back home, loose fitting pants are a must for your vacation. Particularly for the trip back, no one wants to wear a pair of rigid jeans on the hours-long trip back home. Opt for comfort, but never compromise style with a lightweight jogger pant for the ladies or lightweight cargo pants for the guys. They are also going to be mosquito-proof on your vacation!

9. Sensible shoes

sensible shoes for vacation

We are all guilty of taking too many pairs of shoes on vacation when, once we have taken the sliders off, we only have one or two other pairs we actually consider wearing. Ladies – don’t take your whole high heel collection, you’re hardly going to cross the sandy beaches with them on, but instead, opt for sneakers or boat shoes, and only one pair of heels if you have a dressy event. For the guys, go for loafers or sneakers, easy to wear and go with everything – you’ll have more room in your suitcase for more important items!

10. Gym gear

gym gear for vacation

If you’re lucky enough to have a hotel that has a gym, don’t be afraid to through in some lightweight sportswear that’s barely going to take any room up at all. It’ll encourage you to make the most of the facilities or run along the beach in the early morning to see the sun rise. Sportswear is also a comfy alternative to jogger pants for the flight, feel comfortable and stylish with some fun sports leggings to make your journey easier.

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